In this era of digitization, transparency and need for reaching out to all the concerned stakeholders, a forum for speedy complaints resolution mechanism is a must. With this idea, we are presenting before you the first ever dedicated website for Islampur Municipality. Through the real-time ‘suggestions/ complaints link’ any resident can directly talk to the Municipal staff. Apart from this, ideas on how to improve our surroundings so that the residents can enjoy a clean and beautiful locality are most welcome.

We are proud to say that over a last few months, we have been able to ban every single bit of polythene in the Municipal zone, a task which we were told was not possible. We did it in flat two months. Thanks to all the residents and the stakeholders including the Police and Civil administration who made all this possible (it definitely is not such a rocket science but still !!!). With the help of all you, we relocated the fish vendors who used to sell on National Highway and other thoroughfares, we have relocated them to their designated space in fish market which was a boost to the fish market vendors also. They now have their designated stalls with electricity and other provisions. We are trying to do similar arrangement for vegetable and shop owners. Illegal encroachment is another major challenge that we are continuously tackling with. Drain cleaning etc is continuously going on. Our team of sweepers is re-energized and they are working to the hilt, we recently provided them their new dresses with emblem of Islampur Municipality and masks/boots/ gloves etc. It is envisaged that in a very short time from now we will be able to place a biometric system for all the employees. We recently engaged Sulabh International for construction of toilet complexes in the busiest areas i.e. New Bus stand and Main market. The work will commence shortly on this. Apart, from this we are designing a plan for beautification of the town.

The challenges are many but I am sure that with the enthused participation of all of us, we would be able to make our Islampur town a beautiful and healthy locality.

With best wishes.

Kanaia Lal Agarwal
Chairman, Islampur Municipality