“The Vision for Islampur is an integrated community initiative that strives to revitalize, enhance and improve the overall quality of life for the residents of the Islampur.

Islampur shall grow and thrive as an important transit town situated on a high pass corridor (NH -31) in an eco-friendly sustainable manner, by carefully monitoring the impacts of the imminent widening of the highway. The present problem of surface drainage and potential flooding in the town shall be resolved effectively in order to enhance the sense of security and stability of the residents of the area. The present scenario of improper and unplanned land-use allocation shall be rearranged in order to minimize possible territoriality conflicts and allocate broad urban functions equitably and effectively.

The thrust areas of development shall be agro-based and small-scale industries, as well as related business and commerce, which will generate economic development and consequential creation of employment opportunities by way of promotion of entrepreneurship and encouragement of innovations. There will be improved physical infrastructure and services, social amenities like education, healthcare and recreation, and shelter for all strata of society – without the development posing any threats to the existing potential agricultural areas and water bodies.”